Life Journey of Melek Tekstil

Our production department’s vision is to be the leading producer that determines the excellence standards in the global men’s and women’s ready-to-wear sector.

Our mission is to continuously improve the quality of systems and management and to create an industrial organization that will meet the customers’ quality, cost, supply and flexibility needs in a complete way.

With this mission, since 1995, on 20,000 sqm areas, a very special team, which has high production and knowledge and rapidness, including the group’s own brands Xint and MCL collect and make special production which exceeds 3 million units per year to A Passion Play and Concept Group companies in Russia, Mode Monte Carlo, Oboy Retail and Campione Textile in Germany, Big Star ve Gianno Ricci in Lebanon, Douglas & Grahame Company in Ireland, Sıa Lagra Company in Latvia, Vıgoss Company in Czech Republic.

What we offer?

Our high quality products; while catching the rhythm of the city with our feminine and rejuvenated style, inspire our customers to capture each moment of life to make them feel better.