Life Journey

Melek Investments Group, one of the leading companies in textile sector, began its life journey in 1985. Melek Investment Group set up its systems to carry out values, policies and goals of the company within the framework of corporate management principles and has been improving these systems based on continuous improvement. It has taken care of setting up systems which increase employee motivation and productivity by creating appropriate company atmosphere that determines internal relations and culture. Melek Tekstil was founded by Melek Investment Group in 1995. In the same years began the life journey of the MCL, the brand of Smart & Sportswear.

In 2004, Melek Investment Group decided to create an unusual and exciting brand inspired by life itself which will make its mark all around the world with its production experience, prosperity and quality of infrastructure, product concept and design by combining comfort and sincerity together with striking details. Finally, the brand XINT was born with the slogan “Feel Real Life”. Inspired by life, XINT, which contains comfortable and stylish products blended with modern style in its collection, comes together with consumers both in domestic and overseas retailers and in its own stores.

Melek Investment Group, a leader with its production and designing power in textile sector, established Melek Yapı in 2010 to continue its investments in the construction sector and to launch its projects.

Melek Investment Group established CMC Konaklama Company in 2014 in order to continue quality service in accommodation sector and offers service to 600 local and foreign female students under the name of Istanbul Aydın University Dormitory and Life Center for Girls located on a 18.000 sqm area.

  • XINT

  • MCL



Our Vision

  • Being a leading group with global brands,
  • Being a transparent, preferred, and constantly expanding group in every field we operate,
  • Being an organization which embraces the most innovative approaches in the textile sector in terms of research and development and production process,
  • Being an organization that combines innovative production concept with excellent engineering experience and provides the best quality products to the sector.


  • Repositioning ourselves to the changing world with the strength we have acquired from our deeply rooted past,
  • To make people feel different, excited and confident thanks to our brands,
  • To be able to respond to our business partners’ requests quickly, safely and in a technically sufficient manner,
  • Embracing a high quality standard in all product, service and business forms with a consumer-satisfaction-oriented approach,
  • Creating a participatory and dynamic workplace which is preferred in order to work with a corporate structure and where all employees can utilize their creativity to corporate structure.